You don’t have to be famous to be brilliant

Dr. John O’Sullivan is a clever man. He led a team of scientists at CSIRO whose WiFi creation now exists in approximately 3 billion devices world-wide. Yes. WiFi is an Australian invention. Yet Dr. O’Sullivan is far from famous. We can relate to John. Our cars are packed full of Simply Clever features, are European designed and manufactured, highly awarded and feature the very latest in technology and safety systems. Our owners and motoring experts rave about us. The ŠKODA SUPERB has won many accolades including 2016 Drive Car of the Year: Best Family Car.

Watch the videos below to discover more about our brilliant vehicles and the inventiveness of Dr. John O’Sullivan.
Fame is overrated.

Thanks to John and his team, WiFi has enabled us to seamlessly connect to the worldwide web all over the globe. John is undoubtedly brilliant, as is our range of award-winning vehicles. Discover more below.