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At ŠKODA, we don’t just have your back, we’ve got your front and sides, too. Our intelligent driver assistant systems are designed to help you avoid dicey situations from every angle. Click on the button below to view the interactive demonstration and discover how driver assistance systems help keep you comfortable, and even more importantly—safe.

Advanced driver assistant systems

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One of the most important features of your new ŠKODA isn’t found under the hood or behind the dash. It’s the peace of mind that comes with our 5 Year / Unlimited Kilometre Warranty^, included as standard with every ŠKODA vehicle. Combine this with premium European quality at an affordable price - it’s just another reason why choosing ŠKODA simply makes sense.

Why you’re making the smart choice

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Simply Clever

Net System


Luggage Hooks

Handy Pockets

Illuminated, Air Conditioned Glove Box

Umbrella In Doors

Waste Bin

Ticket Holder

Removable LED Torch

Tablet Holder

Virtual Pedal (available in the Tech Pack)

Bottle Holder

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