An SUV for every lifestyle

On road. Off road. Take our SUV’s on any road and you’ll discover a range designed with clever space, impressive performance and the ability to adapt. All that’s left is to decide what size you want.


Who knew spacious could be this small?

We’ve designed the KAMIQ to be compact on the outside and generously roomy on the inside. Choose between the compact and smart KAMIQ Ambition, sporty and spacious KAMIQ Monte Carlo, or all-in-one KAMIQ Signature.

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KAMIQ Ambition

We’ve designed the KAMIQ Ambition to be compact on the outside and generously roomy on the inside. With features that just make sense, the latest tech, and a drive that keeps every road feeling smooth, this compact SUV is smart with space.

KAMIQ Monte Carlo

Sometimes you need a little extra, and that’s where the KAMIQ Monte Carlo comes in. This sporty and spacious SUV includes a sleek panoramic roof, a gutsy engine and full LED headlights with an Adaptive Front light system.

KAMIQ Signature

Get in first with our KAMIQ Signature, equipped with LED headlights, wireless Apple CarPlay® and wireless Android Auto™+ ²⁴, Park Assist³ and gutsy engine. This model is everything you need in one neat little package.


Let space adapt to you

The KAROQ is the SUV that changes with you. Choose between KAROQ Style and KAROQ SportLine 4x4.

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The KAROQ Style is the SUV that changes with you. It’s VarioFlex seating lets you rearrange the back 3 seats to create the space you need for any on or off-road activity. Talk about clever.

KAROQ SportLine 4x4

KAROQ SportLine 4x4 favours a striking and sporty design, along with clever space and a heart racing engine. This is the 4x4 all-wheel drive you’ll want to show off while hitting any kind of road.


Sometimes bigger is better

This 7 seat SUV doesn’t disappoint. Choose between KODIAQ Style 4x4, KODIAQ SportLine 4x4 and KODIAQ RS 4x4.

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KODIAQ Style 4x4

This 7 seat SUV doesn’t disappoint. Family sized, with features like a virtual cockpit, Adaptive Cruise Control◊, wireless charging and Safety Assist features, you’ll discover why some say big is best.

KODIAQ SportLine 4x4

If you want to keep things sleek, the award-winning KODIAQ SportLine 4x4 is right up your alley. Its striking exterior and sporty interior will turn heads, inside and out. Not to mention it’s packed with advanced driver assist systems, the latest tech, and a roaring engine.


You wouldn’t expect an SUV to be this sporty, but that’s what makes the KODIAQ RS 4x4 so clever. Its powerful bi-turbocharged engine makes it a true performance thoroughbred, but its spacious interior and tech make it anything but a show pony.


Which SUV should I get?

The ŠKODA SUV range includes a range of small, medium and large vehicles for you to choose from. We've created a comparison chart to help you determine which size and model best suits your lifestyle - head to our KAMIQ, KAROQ and KODIAQ model pages to find out more.

Which SUV is most reliable?

All our SUV's come standard with 5 years warranty, plus the latest in safety and integrative tech to keep you safe on the roads.

Why are SUVs so popular?

SUV's are so popular for their versatility. With extra boot space, more seats and a powerful engine - they're as fit for school drop offs as they are for weekends away.

What does SUV stand for?

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. SUV's combine real-life practicality with the versatility to take them anywhere.