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Škoda Roadside Assistance

How It works

  • Every new Škoda vehicle includes one-year complimentary roadside assistance membership, from the warranty start date.
  • With every scheduled service performed at an authorised service centre, we will top up your policy to 12 months (we call this program SIRA – Service Initiated Roadside Assistance).
  • As long as your vehicle meets the terms and conditions, we'll continue to do this for up to 9 years from the original new car warranty start date.

Of course, we aren’t the only ones who will be worrying about you after a breakdown or an accident. In that event, we’ll relay urgent messages to friends, family or business associates that may be affected or concerned by the delay. It’s a simple gesture, but an important one.


Easy checklist of things to remember when calling us:

  • Your name and telephone number
  • Your location, with nearest cross street if possible
  • A description of the problem or emergency
  • Your vehicle registration number
Full Terms and Conditions for Škoda Roadside Assistance
pdf (128.6 KB)