The choice is yours

Fortunately, there are still some guarantees in life. Škoda Choice32 is a flexible finance solution that provides you with the assurance of knowing exactly what the minimum value of your vehicle will be down the track. At the end of your loan, you have the option to trade in, retain or return your vehicle. The choice really is yours.

Target Market Determinations

Please read the Target Market Determinations (TMD) document for our Financial Services products. This document ‘Target Market Determination’ describes who a product is appropriate for (target market), and any conditions around how the product can be distributed to customers.

For more information visit the Target Market Determinations page 

How it works

1. Choose your Škoda

Use our handy car configurator to build your dream Škoda from the ground up.

2. Choose your terms

Choose your preferred term of 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months, along with an annual km allowance and repayment options.

3. Choose your end of term option

You can select to retain, return or trade-in your Škoda at the end of your Škoda Choice± contract term. 

Choose your option at the end of the term

Trade In

If you wish to trade-in your Škoda for a new vehicle, all you need to do is return it to the dealership. If the trade-in value is higher than the Guaranteed Future Value32, you can use this equity towards your new vehicle.


If you can’t imagine parting with your Škoda, you can purchase it outright for the Guaranteed Future Value amount locked in at the start of the contract32. Or you can choose to refinance your balloon at the end of the term, speak to us about your refinancing options.


At the end of your contract term, all you need to do is hand your car back to your Škoda dealership. And, if the vehicle meets the agreed kilometre and fair wear and tear requirements32, (as outlined in our Fair Wear and Tear Guide) you’ll have no more to pay.

Explore the benefits

  • Peace of mind knowing the minimum future value of your Škoda right from the start
  • You have three options at the end of your Škoda Financial Services contract
  • A personally tailored finance solution, based on the term and kilometre usage of your vehicle
  • Upgrade your Škoda to the latest model more often, enjoying the best innovations and technologies

Maintaining your Škoda

We understand that you will want to keep your Škoda in premium condition. To ensure the integrity of the Guaranteed Future Value Program, your Škoda must be in an acceptable condition when you return it to us and must not exceed the kilometre limit. We also understand that some reasonable wear and tear is only to be expected, but it needs to remain within the provisions set by your Škoda Financial Services contract. If you exceed your nominated kilometre allowance, it will reduce your Guaranteed Future Value. However, this won’t affect your ability to Trade in, Retain or Return your vehicle.

Fair Wear and Tear Guide
pdf (1.5 MB)

Insurance designed for you

Škoda has a reputation for thinking differently - and our insurance is a little bit different too. We’ve designed our cover with Škoda drivers in mind. But it’s the generous range of special features and added extras that really make us stand out from the crowd.

Any questions?

Check our FAQs or contact our Finance Customer Support team for more help.