Wagons with space to go anywhere and do anything

No matter what lifestyle or business you’re in, there’s a wagon for you. The extra boot space will come in extremely handy for both big and small trips, and you’ll never feel out of touch again with the latest tech and safety. Our Octavia Wagons and Superb Wagons have everything you need in one car.

Small Wagons

For the driver who wants comfort and convenience, look no further than our small wagons. Small in nature, they don’t compromise on space with a surprisingly roomy interior for whatever your lifestyle or your business demands. Whether you’re loading up bikes, bags, or beach gear, you’ll never have to leave anything behind with our small wagons.

Octavia Wagon

The feel-good wagon that’s ready for anything.

Having more space in your car is always a good idea, and the Octavia Wagon has plenty of that. So whether you’re loading up bikes, bags or both, you know you’ll be ready for anything.

Sporty Wagons

If you believe comfort and convenience shouldn’t come at the expense of power, we wholeheartedly agree. Our sporty wagons have all that and more – heart-racing performance, sporty good looks, a spacious interior and every smart feature your lifestyle or your business requires. Expect to turn heads, even when you’re dropping the kids off at school.

Superb Wagon

From spacious to stylish and everything in between.

Sometimes bigger is better. The Superb Wagon places a premium on space, boasting a roomy interior with generous leg room, plus a boot big enough to hold anything your family can throw at it. It’s also got the smarts and safety to make every journey a breeze, offering Wireless Charging and Apple CarPlay®³¹ , Android Auto™³¹ as well as a suite of advanced safety systems like Emergency Assist³ and Passenger Protect Assist³. It’s the family car that leaves a lasting impression.

Family Wagons

Our family wagons might have everything you’ll ever need in one car. Plenty of space to accommodate the bike, surfboard, and whatever the kids have in store for it. Loads of leg space to keep everyone comfy on even the longest trips. Smart tech to keep you seamlessly connected. And that latest intelligent safety features to ensure you and your family always feel safe and secure whenever you venture out onto the road.

Wagons FAQs

What wagon should I buy?

Both the Octavia and Superb wagon models blend flexibility, space and power with a sleek European design. Learn more about our Octavia wagon and Superb wagon models here.

Which wagon has the biggest boot space?

The boot space in our Octavia and Superb wagons is spacious, intuitive and built to carry more. The Octavia boasts a boot capacity of 640 litres, but can extend to 1,700 litres by folding down the rear seats. The Superb also has a comparably large 600L boot space, and can extend to 1950L with the rear seats down.