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A Novated Lease is where you can enjoy the thrill of a brand new Škoda as part of your salary package. By arranging payments to come out of a salary before tax, employees can save thousands of dollars off a new car and employers can sweeten up their job offers to attract more staff. Not bad.

How it works

If you end up leaving your job, your new employer will have to take over the novated lease payments by renewing their novation agreement. Once the Lease ends, you can choose to take a new Lease and upgrade to the latest model Škoda.

Explore the benefits

  • Make the most of your salary package by paying for your new Škoda from your pre-tax income
  • Choose from terms of up to five years
  • Option to bundle your registration, Compulsory Third Party insurance (CTP), comprehensive insurance and on-road costs with your monthly payments
  • Pay no account keeping or annual fees
  • Secure your Lease with your new Škoda – no additional security required for approved applicants
Simply Clever Finance Brochure
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More solutions, less worries

Škoda Choice

Škoda Choice32 is our Guaranteed Future Value Program that lets you secure the future value of your car. You also have the option to trade in, retain or return your car at the end of a loan term.

Škoda Insurance

Škoda has a reputation for thinking differently - and our insurance is a little bit different too. We’ve designed our cover with Škoda drivers in mind. But it’s the generous range of special features and added extras that really make us stand out from the crowd.

Any questions?

Check our FAQs or contact our Finance Customer Support team for more help.