Servicing made simple

We’ve made service and maintenance as quick and easy as possible.

With simple, transparent pricing and the flexibility to choose between pre-paid or pay as you go, owning a Škoda is hassle-free. Even scheduling a service is easy with online booking⁴⁹

All of our technicians have the best possible knowledge of the vehicles they’re working on. Coupled with the latest diagnostic equipment and specialist tools, you’ve got a finely tuned team working on your Škoda. 

Service Packs

Pre-Paid service packs

Our pre-paid service packs are designed to save you money. Purchase a 7 Year Service Pack, the most cost effective way to service your Škoda. Then, you can simply book a service time that suits you, and the costs are already covered.

Book a service online

Scheduling a service, made simple

You date online, you game online, you workout online. So you may as well book your car service online too – it’s the easiest way and you know it.

Škoda service cam

Our workshop comes to you

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are; you can now be right in our workshop, with your local Škoda experts through our new Service Cam. Get a comprehensive rundown on any repairs your Škoda might need via a simple video from our technicians.

Roadside assistance

We're here for you

Even the smartest drivers can get into trouble sometimes. Luckily, we’re always along for the ride offering a top up to 12 months membership to our Roadside Assistance when you service at any of our authorised centres. So, if you ever find yourself in trouble on the road, not to worry. We’re just a call away.

Genuine parts

You don’t have to be a genius (AKA a Škoda technician) to know that non-genuine parts aren’t as good as using genuine ones. Our philosophy towards fixing your car is simple; the parts we use are identical to the parts used in the production of your car originally. Genuinely. And with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty* on Škoda Genuine Parts®, peace of mind comes easily too.

We have the perfect fit

Remanufactured parts

When Genuine Parts eventually wear out, they can still contain valuable components. Škoda collects these and fully remanufactures them. This means the quality is identical to, and in some cases superior (due to technological advancements) to the original parts. For added peace of mind, remanufactured parts come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty*.

Exchange parts

Through Škoda genuine exchange parts, you can get a new original part for a lower price and also help the environment. Škoda genuine exchange parts are reconditioned parts of the same quality as new parts. They include gearboxes, engines, engine heads, injection pumps, starters and alternators.

Popular parts


Brake Pads

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Shock Absorbers

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Spark and glow plugs

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Belts & Pulleys

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Window Wipers

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Body Parts

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Service campaigns & recalls

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Track my order

Track the status of your vehicle as it gets closer to delivery and let your anticipation build.

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