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Śkoda BEV – new Śkoda Epiq

The Skoda Epiq will be one of six new electric vehicles scheduled to launch in the coming years and will be a BEV SUV crossover. Find out more.

Enyaq's African Electric Eco-Expedition

Discover the power of sustainable travel. Join a journey from the Netherlands to Africa's southern tip, powered by solar & grid charging. Read more with Skoda.

How Airbags Work

Airbags prevent fatalities by inflating rapidly during collisions using pyrotechnic or gas mechanisms. Proper usage requires seat belts. Find out how airbags work.

10 Tips That May Help You Save Fuel

Discover how careless driving may increase fuel consumption by several litres. Together with Skoda learn how you can save money with these top tips.

Parallel parking tips

Is parallel parking one of your driving nightmares? Do you check out a dozen possible car spots before trying to squeeze into a small gap? Parallel parking is easier than you think.

Škoda Fabia vs. Škoda Fabia Rally

Even though the Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 is a sophisticated rally car down to the last nut and bolt, it has a lot in common with the production Fabia. Let’s compare the two cars.

Škoda’s new 2023 brand identity

Škoda is taking its brand appearance to the next level with the most radical change to its corporate identity in 30 years. A new brand picturemark will be used to enhance the brand’s appearance on digital communication channels.

Music for anxious dogs - top 20 songs

Škoda and bog behaviourist & Nutritionist, Anna Webb, have partnered to create a playlist of songs scientifically proven to ease car travel anxiety in dogs. Check out “Happy Hounds” available on Spotify now.

Landmark global anniversaries in 2023

Mladá Boleslav, 26 January 2023 – Among other milestones in 2023, Škoda Auto will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of its logo with the winged arrow, a symbol of dynamism and progress. In addition, this year marks the 80th anniversary of Škoda models with all-wheel drive

Škoda Kodiaq wins “Wheels Best Large SUV under $60k” 2023

The achievement not only acknowledges the Kodiaq’s present success but also paves the way for a promising future as we anticipate the arrival of the next generation of Kodiaq.

Škoda wins “Customer Satisfaction Award for Automotive”

In 2023, the Škoda Australia network was humbled to be acknowledged as the winner of the Car Manufacturer of the Year Award, and as a stand out across all categories and industries with a remarkable 12 consecutive monthly wins.

10 tips for travelling with pets

Discover 10 traveling tips when driving with your pet. Learn how to keep your pet safe and secure when both driving and when parked. Read more with Škoda.

Škoda Superb Hits WA Police Fleet

Škoda flagship wagon has landed a lucrative police contract, with 55 ordered for highway patrol duties in Western Australia.

Škoda Vision 7S Reveals The Future

It’s the first Škoda car showing the new design language and the new logo. The VISION 7S is a herald of change.

Octavia Chasing Cars Car of the Year 2022

“It’s the way the new Škoda Octavia truly delivers a premium experience at an affordable price that allowed it to become our first Car of the Year.”

New Škoda Kamiq 85TSI

After a brief unavailability of the sold-out Škoda Kamiq 85TSI, the Simply Clever brand is returning the turbocharged three-cylinder engine to Australia in new form: Kamiq 85TSI Style.

Škoda's Enyaq Reveal

"Škoda Enyaq: Škoda’s first all-electric SUV is confirmed"

Shooting An SUV Commercial In The Living Room

Extraordinary stuff can be created even in lockdown. Original spots advertising Škoda’s SUV models, for example.

Semi Conductor Shortage: Škoda's response & solution.

Škoda is among several global car manufacturers having to deal with vehicle delivery delays. Supply chain issues associated with COVID-19 and a worldwide semiconductor chip shortage have both had an impact, as has the war in Ukraine. Škoda recognises the challenges and is actively working towards an effective solution.

Car Photography Tips: Follow a Pro's Advice

Taking a photo of your car can be fun, particularly if you know how to present it in the best possible way. Professional photographer Amy Shore lets us in on her most valuable car photography tips.

The New Škoda Fabia Monte Carlo is here

Great news for fans of Škoda’s sporting tradition. The new Škoda Fabia 2022 has just been released bearing the dynamic MONTE CARLO design.

Microchips: Where can you find them in your car?

It’s amazing to think what microchips in cars are responsible for. Not only do they perform surprisingly important functions, they can be found everywhere in the modern-day car. Read on to find out exactly what role the humble microchip plays in making your Škoda work.

The New Škoda Karoq:The first sketches

Sketches of the new Škoda Karoq have been released and reveal an SUV brimming with style and attitude. Check out our artist’s impression of the Škoda Karoq 2022 and ready yourself for all-new adventures.


ŠKODA Australia Press Release | Dec 2017