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The Spirit of the Tour lives in all of us – from the young child wobbling their way up the driveway, right through to the sport's most elite. We all feel the same freedom when we ride. And it was this freedom that ŠKODA's founders, Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement, were inspired by as well. So much so, that they started a bicycle journey of their own. And from those humble two-wheeled beginnings, the ŠKODA company we know today was born – born on a bike.

Cycling is in our DNA. That’s why we are proud sponsors of the most famous cycling event in the world – the Tour de France.


We’ve been the Tour de France’s official car supplier and partner since 2004. Since then, we’ve proven that behind every great bike is a great car. Our fleet of around 305 ŠKODAs operates as neutral support vehicles, including road crews and logistic vehicles.

The Red Car

The ŠKODA Red Car is a technologically modified mobile command centre, from which the Tour Director manages the race. Fitted with six radio antennas and four radio channels, the Tour Director can remain in constant contact with race officials coordinating the Tour from the comfort of the Red Car.

Workshop on Wheels

The ŠKODA SUPERBs provide workshops on wheels that offer support, wheels, tires, and even a counselling service to riders in emergency situations.


Being France, it’s not unexpected that there is a minibar on board, so the car also operates as a bijou hospitality suite, should a dignitary such as French President Emmanuel Macron decide to drop in a tad thirsty.


How two wheels became four: over 120 years of history in motion

The ŠKODA story began not on four wheels, but two: with a bicycle called the ‘Slavia’, built in 1895 by our founders Václav Laurin and Václav Klement. Besides their first names and a love for cycling, they had another thing in common: a strong inventive spirit.

Through this bond, the two friends went on to build some of the world’s formative motorcycles, which were soon winning races and breaking speed records. Encouraged by this success, they graduated to four wheels, and with the ‘Voiturette A’ started an automotive lineage that makes ŠKODA one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world.

Cycling routes

Why not create your own unique experience by trying out one of our Top 4 cycling routes? We'll be honest, not all of them are your average Sunday amble and many are some of the toughest climbs in the world - explore the routes below to find out more about what you can expect!

We Love Cycling

At ŠKODA we’re such big fans of cycling that we even have a whole team dedicated to finding out all there is to know about this great sport. Here are just some of the areas our journalists have been researching.

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Can you hear the voice?

Meet Beardy McBeard

He does have a proper name, Marcus Enno, and he is an internationally acclaimed cycling photographer who will be in Europe for the Tour this year capturing all the action. Provided with a ŠKODA Octavia to travel across France, Beardy will be capturing the Tour in all of its intricate detail and colour. You’ll catch his photo review of each stage right here, so keep popping back to catch the latest.