"Only the best we can do is good enough for our customers." — ŠKODA founders, Václav Laurin and Václav Klement, 1895.

Today, over 120 years later, we proudly continue to honour that commitment. From our 5 Year / Unlimited Kilometre Warranty, to Guaranteed Future Value with ŠKODA Choice, to our Service Packs, and beyond, you’re always getting our best.

That’s why many Australians already choose ŠKODA, and why we’re one of the fastest growing car manufacturers in the world.

5 Year / Unlimited Kilometre Warranty

ŠKODA vehicles are made to be driven and we want to keep your journey a long and happy one. For added peace of mind, all ŠKODA vehicles now come with 5 Year / Unlimited Kilometre Warranty^, included as standard. It shows the great confidence we have in the quality build of our cars. It’s also our commitment to you, and just another reason why choosing ŠKODA simply makes sense.

ŠKODA Choice - Guaranteed Future Value

Here’s a safety feature that protects both your car and your cash. ŠKODA Choice is a flexible finance solution that provides you with a way to safeguard the future value of your vehicle^. From the start, you know the minimum future value^ of your new ŠKODA, so you can plan ahead. And even better, you're all set to jump into the newest ŠKODA at the end of your contract if you want, making sure you enjoy the best that ŠKODA has to offer.

ŠKODA Service & Care Packs

Why worry about handling the payment of your services on an ad-hoc basis when you already know you need to get them annually? ŠKODA Service Packs let you save time by pre-paying your servicing at any of our ŠKODA dealers. Simply choose from a 3 Year / 45,000km pack or a 5 year / 75,000km pack. Then, when you book a service time that suits you, the costs are already covered. Your car, serviced at your convenience.

Volkswagen Group technology

Modularer Querbaukasten isn’t a phrase you hear every day. German for ‘Modular Transverse Matrix’, it’s a new system from the folk at Volkswagen Group, that streamlines how vehicles are built. Whilst that’s all well and good, what does it mean for you, the driver? In short, it means increased reliability, less waste in construction, and ultimately, lower costs for ŠKODA vehicles. Makes sense, don’t you think?

Value for money

We’ve become experts at packing our cars full of the latest technology, safety and design features, while managing to leave out the cost. In fact, we’ve made our reputation on providing more car for your money. Around the world, we’re known for our value-for-money vehicles, built to the highest standards — giving you access to premium European quality, without the European price tag.

Award-winning range

We’re starting to get recognised everywhere we go. In Australia, as well as internationally, our range of simply clever cars has won gongs at nearly every major award show. Our FABIA, for example, picked up Carsales’ Best First Car 2015 & 2016 — yes, two years running — and our OCTAVIA Ambition 110TSI earned Money Magazine’s Best-Value Family Car 2017. Click below to see our full cabinet of award-winning drives.

Simply Clever

At ŠKODA, we know the little things can make a big difference. That’s why you’ll find plenty of bright ideas across our entire range, specifically designed to make your life easier. View the ŠKODA Simply Clever videos featured below to discover some of the smart thinking inside the latest ŠKODA models.