Although we hope you’ll never need them, ŠKODA insurance products provide a range of protection, so you can take peace of mind with you, wherever you go.

Genuine protection for ŠKODA drivers

ŠKODA has a reputation for thinking differently - and our insurance is a little bit different too. We’ve designed our cover with ŠKODA drivers in mind. But it’s the generous range of special features and added extras that really make us stand out from the crowd.

ŠKODA Motor Vehicle Cover°

Genuine protection, precision engineered for ŠKODA drivers. No-one knows how to protect your ŠKODA better than us. Not only do we guarantee that only genuine ŠKODA parts will be used to repair your car◊ — we also take care of the additional costs following an accident including towing and emergency accommodation if you are more than 200km from home. We even offer a replacement vehicle after a total loss within three years of the original registration date±. So you can be confident you’re taken care of.

ŠKODA Value Protect Cover^

If your vehicle is declared a total loss, your comprehensive insurance payout may not cover the total amount you paid for your vehicle, or the loan amount you still owe. ŠKODA Value Protect Insurance helps to cover the shortfall and pays you the difference between a total loss payment and, either the loan settlement amount or the replacement vehicle value. Whichever is greater, up to the maximum sum insured under the cover option you select. Whether you have paid for your vehicle outright, or have a loan balance outstanding, Value Protect Insurance can help so a total loss doesn’t leave you out of pocket. If your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance provides you a replacement vehicle benefit, you may wish to consider if Value Protect Insurance is right for you. If your vehicle becomes a total loss and you choose to receive a replacement vehicle, you will be entitled to a refund of the Value Protect Insurance premium.

ŠKODA Loan Protection Cover*

Cover for your car finance repayments if something happens to you – protecting you and your family from financial stress. While it isn’t something anyone likes to think about, it’s worth considering how you and your family would cope with car finance payments if you became involuntary unemployed, suffered a serious illness, an accident, or even death. That could leave your family in a difficult position at an emotional time. But with Loan Protection Cover, you can relax, knowing your repayments will be covered – subject to policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions.

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If you’re buying a ŠKODA, you’re investing in European quality, clever design and fantastic reliability. To find out how to protect your investment, visit your local ŠKODA dealer today.