Although we hope you’ll never need them, ŠKODA insurance products provide a range of protection, from tyres to purchase price insurance, so you can take peace of mind with you, wherever you go.

Your insurance options

Why pay for insurance you’ll probably never need? Choose from a range of five cover options that you can combine to create the perfect protection for your situation.

ŠKODA Motor Vehicle Insurance

Quality care for a quality car, ŠKODA Insurance ensures peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel, with genuine ŠKODA parts if your vehicle needs repairing and complete care in the event of a breakdown - from towing through to emergency accommodation.

ŠKODA Asset Equity Cover

ŠKODA Asset Equity Cover lets you relax, knowing that if your car is written off or stolen, the gap between your insurance payout and the amount left on your loan will be taken care of. You’ll also avoid the extra stress of having to cover any balance between your insurance payout and your vehicle finance if your vehicle is written off.*

ŠKODA Purchase Price Insurance Cover

ŠKODA Purchase Price Insurance Cover makes sure you’re fully covered, even when your car is written off. You’ll be fully covered if your ŠKODA is damaged beyond repair and there’s a shortfall between your insurance payout and the amount you paid for your new ŠKODA for the first four years of your vehicle’s life.*

ŠKODA Loan Protection Cover

Loan Protection Cover keeps you and your family protected no matter what comes your way. So if life takes a turn for the worse - you lose your job, get seriously ill or injured in an accident, or even pass away - you can have peace of mind knowing your car payments are taken care of.*

ŠKODA Tyre and Rim Cover

Your tyres are the only things that come between your vehicle and the road, so it makes sense to take top care of them. ŠKODA Tyre and Rim Cover helps pay for the cost of repairing or replacing tyres or rims damaged by kerbs, potholes, punctures, blowouts or road debris.*

Insurance you can finance

To make life easier, you may be able to bundle in your insurance policies with your finance payments. The table below shows which policies can be bundled with which payments. For more information, visit your nearest ŠKODA dealer where our experienced Business Managers will be happy to help you with your options.

Insurance Policies

Talk to an expert

If you’re buying a ŠKODA, you’re investing in European quality, clever design and fantastic reliability. To find out how to protect your investment, visit your local ŠKODA dealer today.