ŠKODA Choice – Guaranteed Future Value

At ŠKODA, all our features are full of forward thinking. ŠKODA Choice^ is a flexible finance solution that lets you safeguard the future value of your car, so you can spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying your new ride. Just how it should be.




Trade In

If you want the latest ŠKODA has to offer, simply trade in your current vehicle with ŠKODA Financial Services (with an option for another ŠKODA Choice contract).

po updatu
po updatu


If you can’t imagine parting with your ŠKODA, you can purchase it outright by paying the Guaranteed Future Value^ amount or refinancing the residual value.


Sadly, if it’s the end of your journey, simply return your vehicle to your local ŠKODA dealership, in an acceptable condition (see our Fair Wear and Tear Guide ) and within your kilometre limit.

Maintaining your ŠKODA

To protect your Guaranteed Future Value^, your ŠKODA must be in an acceptable condition when you return it to us, and be within your nominated kilometre range. To learn more, see our Fair Wear and Tear Guide below.