You don’t have to be famous to be brilliant

Australians Dr. John O’Sullivan, Aelita Andre and Marita Cheng all have one thing in common - they are undeniably brilliant.

Take Dr. O’Sullivan for example. He led a team of scientists at CSIRO whose WiFi creation now exists in approximately three billion devices world-wide. While Aelita is an artist and child prodigy who had her first solo art exhibition in New York City at the age of four. Marita, on the other hand, invented robots that people with disabilities can control with their minds and in 2012 was named Young Australian of the Year.

Yet despite their incredible achievements, these people are far from famous. We can relate to them. Our cars are packed full of Simply Clever features, are European designed and manufactured, highly awarded and feature the very latest in technology and safety systems. Our owners and motoring experts rave about us. The all-new KODIAQ 4x4 was recently crowned Top Gear UK’s Best Family Car 2016. It’s the clever 7-seater European 4x4 with a 5-star ANCAP safety rating and a 5 Year / Unlimited Kilometre Warranty^.


Watch the videos below to discover more about these brilliant Australians, and find out more about our award-winning range.

Fame is overrated.

Thanks to John and his team, WiFi has enabled us to seamlessly connect to the worldwide web all over the globe. John is undoubtedly brilliant, as is our range of award-winning vehicles. Discover more below.

Marita Cheng was the 2012 Young Australian of the Year and is a technology entrepreneur and women in technology advocate. She is the founder and CEO of aubot, which makes a telepresence robot, Teleport, for kids with cancer in hospital to attend school, people with a disability to attend work and to monitor and socialise with elderly people. Yet Marita remains far from famous. Curious about her story? Watch the video here: