Electrifying Technology

Our electric vehicles coming to Australia will feature state-of-the-art battery technology with the highest possible energy density, developed with safety as our highest priority. Our Battery Management System ensures optimal performance over thousands of charging cycles.

Our Approach to E-Mobility

The First of Our Bright New Stars

The Škoda Enyaq model line-up is built on a platform designed exclusively for electric vehicles, and reflects the current trends of simplicity and individualisation. The Enyaq will be available in a sporty long range coupe, along with a top-of-the-range, high-performance RS version combining four-wheel drive with two electric motors.

Clever. Electrified.

Arriving in Australia soon.

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Questions About Electric

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Some of the frequently asked questions from customers across Australia are listed below.

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Škoda Electric FAQs

Are electric cars reliable?

All of our Škoda vehicles are highly reliable, and our electric cars are no exception. We put a lot of effort into producing top-quality vehicles and only build them with reliable parts of the highest standards that have been designed by our hard-working engineers.

How is consumption measured?

In electric cars, consumption indicates the energy consumed in kilowatt-hours per 100 kilometres of travel (kWh/100 km). As in conventional cars, the instrument cluster displays information on both the instantaneous and average consumption. On top of this, it also lets you know the amount of recovered energy sent back to the batteries.

How about the servicing and life of electric motors?

Since the main, and in fact the only, moving part of an electric motor is the rotor, servicing requirements are minimal in comparison to a combustion engine. There is no need for any oil changes or fuel and air filter replacement. These tend to be high-revving machines, so they need to be well designed (especially the bearings), but, in general, electric drive requires less maintenance than a conventional engine.

What is the general lifetime of an EV?

Various factors come into play here, especially the driving style, car care, and the observance of prescribed maintenance appointments. Škoda provides a warranty on our high voltage batteries, as opposed to guaranteeing a battery life. So owners can rest assured that battery performance meets your demand during your ownership.

Where is the Škoda Enyaq made?

Škoda Enyaq is made in Mladá Boleslav, about 45 km northeast of Prague in the north-central part of the Czech Republic.

Does an EV need extra maintenance?

An EV does not need more maintenance than any other vehicle as regular maintenance and service checks are important for every car to ensure its reliability and safety. Having said that, electric cars don't have oil or transmission fluids that need to be changed, and also have fewer moving parts.

What ways are there to charge a battery?

There are currently two common ways of charging an electric vehicle: one via a rapid charging point, the other via a standard household power socket. Rapid charging points can be found in places such as shopping centres, and are being extended to petrol stations and locations in both cities . The advantage of these points is that they draw on a higher charging current than the power available at home.

Where can I charge my EV?

You can charge it at home or at a public charging station. If you’d like to charge your new car at home, there will be options for charging stations suitable for installation in your garage or accessibe from your driveway.