Roy Morgan is Australia’s best known market research company providing meaningful market research from independent surveys of thousands of customers each month. Their research provides benchmarks and comparisons of businesses and their products compared to competing businesses across Australia.

Now in its 11th year, the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards reward businesses with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Monthly Customer Satisfaction winners were recorded in each category throughout the year, with the annual award going to the company with the most monthly wins.

In short, as Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine puts it, “Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards honour the Australian businesses who deliver continuously on their social contract with every customer.”

In 2023, the Škoda Australia network was humbled to be acknowledged as the winner of the Car Manufacturer of the Year Award, and as a stand out across all categories and industries with a remarkable 12 consecutive monthly wins.

The Car Manufacturer of the Year award covers the entire industry, with 24 car manufacturers being measured on overall customer satisfaction by real customers through honest, unvarnished opinions. It’s the measurement of opinions regarding customer satisfaction and the direct feedback from thousands of customers who each interact with their own car manufacturer that makes these awards so meaningful and so highly valued.

“We’re humbled that our customers have responded to Škoda in this way,” said Škoda Australia Product and Marketing Manager Kieren Merrigan. “Škoda's primary endeavour is to provide the best whole-of-life ownership proposition among European brands.”

Škoda would like to thank all of our customers, dealerships, aftersales, service, warranty, and financing teams,

A lot goes into supporting vehicle ownership and Škoda tries really hard to keep everyone who works for our customers, customer satisfaction focussed.