Cycling Mum’s: 6 Tips to help work cycling into your day

July 24, 2018
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Start cycling

Cycling is for everyone, so if you haven’t jumped on your bike recently here are six ways to work riding into your daily life, Ellie McInerney reports.

It’s quite possible that mums are the busiest people on the planet, and some days, finding time to exercise can feel impossible. Natalia De Clercq knows all too well how difficult it can be for women to find time to exercise, which is one reason why she created Cycling Mums Australia, an organisation led by women whose mission has attracted bike-friendly sponsors such as ŠKODA.

6 tips to help you easily work cycling into your day

01 Do what you love

“Start simply, perhaps with a spin bike. Learn about cadence and power, and then transition on (or off) road,” advises Natalia. “The best thing about cycling is that it’s for everyone, no exceptions. It lets you do what you love — 
if you love the outdoors, try mountain biking; or if you love speed, head to a crit track and do a session there. There’s so many different options available for every level.”

02 Become an early riser

Cycling Mums Australia member Sarah suggests getting up before the sun to squeeze in a ride. “I will get up at 4.30am and get a ride in super early before anyone else is up. The roads are quiet and you start the day feeling amazing — and a little bit smug!”

03 Go with the flow

“I feel like what makes you 
fully engaged when you’re cycling is this idea of flow,” says Natalia. “When you’re on a bike you have to look 
for potholes, keep your eye on traffic — 
even on a stationary bike, you need to 
be aware of the elements, and this brings you into flow really quickly.”

04 Ride to work

“If you have a long commute, ride in and get public transport home. The next day, get public transport in and ride your bike home,” suggests Sarah. “Invest in good lights and some quality reflective gear to feel safe on the road and really enjoy the journey. Set yourself up so you have toiletries and some spare clothes at work, just in case.”

05 Weeknight catch-ups

“A ride with mates after work with good lights and reflective gear, followed by dinner or drinks (yes, 
in your Lycra) is good fun,” says Sarah. 
“It gets some extra exercise in and helps break up an otherwise hectic week.”

06 Find what works for you

“Whether it’s getting an e-bike to help you along, a mountain bike to get 
you off-road, a hybrid for commuting, a road bike for zipping along or a folding bike for portability, there’s something for whatever your circumstances are,” says Natalia.

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